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Hania Oayda is a contemporary artist living in Sydney, Australia. Hania draws inspiration from the repetitive geometric patterns found in urban architecture. She takes from her vast experiences in various international environment’s and concentrates them through a process of refinement and filtration. Her work is minimal in its formal language, it imposes order and systems. It is precise, crystalline, simple and hard-edged. Due to Hania’s background in design, and the complexity of the urban form, her works blurs the line between paintings and sculpture. 


Hania’s artistic process is intuitive, the choice of colours and forms are triggered by fragmented memories that recall a specific time and place. Torn between the physicality of paint and the seductiveness of the already made, marrying the two mediums together offers a different kind of delicacy which ultimately results in vibrant layered fields of colour and light, rich surfaces with depth, opacity and transparency. Hania is continuously working with the fundamental elements of light, colour and form, where the confluence of all three create unexpected spaces of calm. The visual experience of her work changes according to the moving light and viewer, this relates to life and the constant motion of change, the shifting around us, and the desire to draw meaning from chaos.

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